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After some serious time and sweat, Jo's book about our trip through Africa is -finally- out now!

Hard copies are available (although in limited edition for the moment) .  If you want one, contact us here.

E-Book formats of the book are available from your favorite store (Amazon, iBook, etc...).

The book is available on the following sites; just search Jo Charnock.


  1. I know you guys are on your way again to some other part of the world, but I just wanted to tell you that I am well into the book and really enjoying it. Well done Jo, it’s really well written and super interesting.

    Dave van der Spuy

  2. Hi Jo and Jan

    Just a note to wish you well on your latest trip and to say that I've finished your book and enjoyed every
    minute. Your travels through Africa so reminded me of my own experiences, especially in Zanzibar,
    Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and Malawi. If this helps, here's a review:

    In her book, A Hitch-Biker's guide through Africa; Cairo to Cape Town on a Folding Bike, author and
    adventurer Jo Charnock brings vividly to life the romance, adventure and unexpected challenges of a truly awesome
    journey spanning the continent of Africa. From the unnerving bedlam of Cairo's dusty streets to the haunting beauty of the deserts, mountains and lakes of Southern Africa, Jo describes in captivating detail the journey of a lifetime with her cycling partner, Jan Wouters. Whether you're a couch potato or someone looking to take on a new adventure, this book will have you dreaming and inspired by a tale of a remarkable couple who braved bureaucracy, sore bottoms and roadside peril to complete their incredible sojourn.

    Tim O'Hagan, author of Wild Places of Southern Africa, Desertscapes of Namibia and Spectacular South Africa

  3. Finished the book a while back and really enjoyed it. The insight into the countries in Africa was really good and positive, but what I got is the realisation that we live in an awesome city - Cape Town. I know the feeling of being away for a long time and coming home on a motorbike on the Namibian road(N7). The feel of the sea air as you get closer to Clanwilliam and the first view of the mountain is something I will never forget.
    David van der Spuy

  4. Jo captures the energies of this vast journey and getting lost in it all, as her and Jan took it on in a pure and unintrusive manner that compliments the essence of what Africa is about. I enjoyed gathering some insight to how it all goes down and their interesting and exciting ride through, as well as Jo's expression of this. I have had inspirations to do some kind of a trip through Africa that has not yet reached my threshold for action (the read certainly lures my threshold in a few notches).

  5. While reading this well written and informative book, I was completely taken away by this personal journey through Africa on folding bikes!!! In making the epic journey from Cairo to Cape Town, Africa's beauty and diversity is vividly portrayed along with the complexities of its bureaucracies, politics and, of course, roads. Finely observed story telling and informative!

  6. The Hitch-biker's Guide Through Africa is proof that the real beauty of life is living beyond your comfort zone. And Jo Charnock tells you the story of her and her partner Jan's amazing journey through Africa with a zest for life and adventure that makes you want to pack up your
    troubles in your old kit bag and get going on a folding bike! From the sphinxes and pyramids of Egypt to Ethiopia's Simien Mountains, then down to Kenya (where the couple were chased by a riotous mob),Tanzania and Malawi, and on to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia, this journey is a riveting memoir that will inspire anyone with a yearning to travel. The great thing about this guide is its ability to bring the real magic of Africa and the freedom of the open road into the reader's own home. With its descriptions of the people, wildlife and natural beauty the couple encountered on their journey, the book successfully challenges the commonly held assumption that home is where the heart is.

  7. "I just finished reading your book and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I think it is wonderful that you showed how friendly and varied Africa can be. For an armchair traveler as myself it was a refreshing view of how travel can be done. "

  8. I bought it 2 weeks ago and have had the
    greatest joy out reading your book every evening. I really had trouble
    putting your book down and actually getting some shuteye :). But in
    all seriousness I just wanted to say THANK YOU
    read. I found that it was really written as it was to give a realistic
    account about your trip. I loved that, there wasn't this fairytale
    story behind it. I was born and raised in Namibia and being in SA now
    for 7 years, I'm 24 right now. Having read your book it was as if the
    reader can really join you on your adventure, my heart was pumping as
    I was just sitting reading your journey. Thank you for teleporting me
    to your life.
    After reading your version I am nearly
    convinced about going by bike :)

    Anyhoo, I just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant real book and
    looking forward to hearing from you soon.