26 November 2012

Bree Street: Cape Town's Coolest Biking Spot!

Cape Town is  the coolest city in the world, no doubt about that! I love nothing more than taking my folder to cruise around town. Everything is close, people are friendly and the weather is mostly sunny. Great food, wine and local beers everywhere! New cycling lanes seems to sprout every day...

Clarke's on Bree Street is definitely my favourite bar/restaurant at the moment. I am having my favourite beer, Jack Black, as I am typing and they even play my favourite band, The Clash right now. Also, they have a great picture out of Stan Engelbrecht's Bicycle Portraits books on the wall. Great vibe.

I nearly forgot to mention; Cyclist fan fashion designer, Paul Smith, turned the Waterfront V&A down, to open a shop next door! Bree Street is hot. Don't forget to visit our showroom on 177 Bree Street! And we'll go for a beer afterwards...

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