12 September 2012

The Next Future Bike?

Hot water was invented thousands of years ago... but only once.  So it's impossible to invent hot water again.  When it comes to bikes, we really do enjoy new designs and new ideas.  BUT, the problem from a designers point of view is, that it's going to be hard to change much.  Yes, carbon is lighter and the components only get better, but a bike still looks more or less the same as 100 years ago.  Seven tubes makes the most perfect frame; so it's going to be seriously hard to beat this!  This guy is just wasting his time with nonsense.  It's uncomfortable, it doesn't work and it looks stupid!  Go ride your folder instead...


  1. hey ! Amazing video clip and your post is very impressive about electric folding bike, Thanks for sharing a good information.

    1. Hi Jacky, thanks for this; much appreciated!