04 September 2012

Brompton Snobs!

I started my career in the cycling industry; I then moved over to the yachting industry (www.indigoyacht.com) and I am again active in the cycling business now.  Full circle, I guess.
So visiting the Eurobike show this year, after 15 years or so absence, was really a great return to my other passion.  I have two; cycling and ocean (sailing, surfing, kitesurfing,...).  I love both very much, but sailing has one big problem I don't like and that's the snobby yachting people.  Most yachties are so full of themselves and have egos the size of the Pacific Ocean.  In fact, it is one of the main problems with the whole yachting industry.  I love sailing, but I don't like the sailing business and its people.  If you don't believe me; go and visit (if you get through the entrance!) a 'Royal' Yacht Club...
With cycling it's different.  People in that industry are more or less 'normal' (what's 'normal'?), and there's not too much pretentiousness going around.  I only bumped into one company with a wrong attitude on the EuroBike Show... Yes, indeed Brompton folding bikes (or at least their rep/salesperson) gets the honour of winning the first price in the 'being arrogant' on the EuroBike Show !  Well done and congratulations!  Great(ish) folder, wrong attitude...


  1. Well don´t get confused by German representation of Brompton ...People in Brompton UK, including the managment use for example their bromptons to get to work and are really friendly and "normal" people... I personaly got lift to the pub twice on the director´s bike rack :) Not snoby at all! Anybody who experienced the BWC and met people in Brompton can confirm that what you say is nonsence ... cheers!

    1. The article was just my experience with Brompton on the Eurobike Show. That's all. And by the way, it was not their German representation.

  2. Do not understand your story. My is completely different. I found both of german and UK staff on eurobike quite pleasant. Normal helpfull people and spent nice time on evening party with them there. Maybe you can not just throw mud on them vithout details, but say the whole story.