22 August 2014

Hey Hey, It's Friday... Go Bike!

And do it 'stylish', like world figure skating champion, Queen Yu Na kim and her Dahon dash p8.

19 August 2014

Rum Bike

This looks pretty alright, because pedalling makes you thirsty...

12 August 2014

Bike Lift & Carry

Another completely ridiculous Kickstarter bicycle project; It looks stupid and is definitely not comfortable.
Some good advice: Get a folding bike.

11 August 2014

Vintage Monday.

Vintage Dahon in downtown Stonetown (Zanzibar); and in great condition too.

08 August 2014

Hey Hey, It's Friday... Go Bike!

And become a Dahon Explorer; get a free bike and other goodies!  More info here.

07 August 2014

Foldy? Can a man going nowhere fast get there more efficiently with a folding bike?

Found this really funny article on the Bicycling website

Wanting a folding bicycle is like wanting a girlfriend. There is optimism. There is hope. There are fuzzy wildflowers and lilting melodies. Won't it be nice to cease worrying about bicycle thieves? Won't it be sweet to lose the 300-pound chain and its New York City-strength, tempered-steel padlock? Won't it feel liberating to stop wasting time looking for bicycle racks and vacant parking meters? But let's be honest. Have you ever seen someone on a folding bicycle? Circus bear on wheels, right? That's the first thing you think. That's the first thing I think.  
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31 July 2014

30 July 2014

Bike Art

This nice image features a folding bike and serves as a reminder that dedication to cycling is not the sole domain of the professional cyclists who competed in the Tour de France, as cycling is enjoyed by those of us throughout the world contend with the elements and other road users on our daily two-wheeled commute.

 Commissioned by Decathlon - Courtesy of DigitasLBi agency.

29 July 2014

Become A Dahon Explorer: Win A Free Bike And Lots More!

DAHON has put the call out for urban trailblazers and adventure cyclists around the world to join up and show us how they use their folding bike to enrich their life. We will choose six candidates as our official DAHON Explorers, who will each be furnished with a bike and branded accessories, and the mission to go out and document their two-wheeled adventures.
More info here.