23 April 2014

16 April 2014

Titanium Folding Bike.

Hasa bike company makes a good looking titanium folding bike; the MiniMax T1.  More info here.

14 April 2014

Everything is just wrong in this picture!

Indeed; everything's just wrong... the helicopter, the model's silver outfit, her shoes and even the golden coloured fold-up!  Apparently, it's a 24-ct bike and cost $18 750.
More info here.

11 April 2014

Hey Hey, It's Friday... Go Bike!

The only real important message in life is actually a very simple one... travel, travel and travel more!  Enjoy the weekend.

09 April 2014

The Foldable Backpack Bike

Another 'special' folding bike, especially for hiking and downhill cycling.
You want one? Click here.

07 April 2014

Helmets are Wrong!

Do you honestly believe it's OK to wear a helmet while shopping?

04 April 2014

Hey Hey, It's Friday... Go Bike!

What's wrong with this picture?  NO-thing; it's all right!  Sea, sun, beach and folding bike fun... enjoy the weekend!

02 April 2014

Be Cool and Ride a Folding Bike!

All cool people ride a folding bike.  Why?  Because, it's the coolest bicycle around!

31 March 2014

But what is it?

No idea what this it, bit it does fold!
Apparently, it's a fly bike... If you really want one, click here.  And, it also comes in pink.
Sorry, have to run, I feel sick all of a sudden...

28 March 2014

Hey Hey, It's Friday... Go Bike!

This is nice; sea, sun, beach, people, surf (SUP) and a fold-up bicycle! Do any of these activities over the weekend and enjoy

27 March 2014

Going to the Pub?

Going to the pub with your folding bike is easy.  No worries your bike gets stolen, and you might be able to get home...

25 March 2014

Another Completely Stupid Cycling idea?

Maybe it's just me, but this is just plain ridiculous... And by the way; annoying kids (and their parents) have been wearing shoes with lights for a while now...
If you do want a pair, click here.