12 September 2014

11 September 2014

Rush Hour in Utrecht (Netherlands)

Gotta watch this... Morning rush hour in the 4th largest city in the Netherlands. Streets look like this when 33% of ALL trips are made by bicycle!

08 September 2014

02 September 2014

Famous Folder!

The Talking Heads were one of the most famous bands of the 80's, and one of my favourites.
David Byrne, the lead singer is a big fold-up enthousiast! Guess what's his brand of choice? 

01 September 2014

28 August 2014

SPD-compatible flip-flops!

I am fortunate to live most of the year in a warm climate.  I mainly wear flip-flops; on the beach, at work and on my bicycle.  Yes, I love my flip-flops.  
Twenty years ago Shimano made already SPD compatible flip-flops, and it seems they still do with the SH-FL05 model.  
Indeed, never has it been easier to go from bike, to bar, to beach! 

27 August 2014

The Ultimate Trailer?

The crew from travellingtwo.com  recently tested the Cyclone Bike Trailer made by Radical Design, and had nothing but praise for this great trailer.  It looks indeed like a well-made and beautiful trailer.
More info here.

25 August 2014

Vintage Monday

Nicknamed the Inconnu (Unknown) and produced by a designer who remains anonymous, this folding bike takes around one hour to fold and, once folded, the trailer it forms needs to be tolled since it's flatter and broader than the bike itself.
Image courtesy of Michael Embacher via the BBC

22 August 2014

Hey Hey, It's Friday... Go Bike!

And do it 'stylish', like world figure skating champion, Queen Yu Na kim and her Dahon dash p8.

19 August 2014

Rum Bike

This looks pretty alright, because pedalling makes you thirsty...